6 January 2022

What to do before selling? 3 things to do to maximize sale price

What to do before selling? 3 things to do to maximize your sale price!

My name is Tim Matthews and I am a Real Estate Agent in the Owen Sound & Grey Bruce area.

What to do before selling?

If you are planning to sell in the next year, here are three things I think you need to do, to make sure you maximize your sale price.

  1. Declutter – you’re moving, so start packing. Start donating things, making dump runs, and downsizing. Remove things off the fridge, the end tables and countertops. You want to get the house looking as spacious as possible. Don’t forget to do this to your outside yard and basement.
  2. Clean – Clean everything; walls, windows, counters, faucets, sinks. A clean home shows a real pride of ownership and gives buyers confidence that it was taking care of.
  3. Repairs – A lot of people want to get overwhelmed with fancy renovations, but you need to start with the big repairs first. I have found that old roofs and furnaces are the biggest hold backs on sales. If your roof needs to be replaced you should absolutely do it.

Now, after you are done this, you can take it up a notch. Here are 3 bonus tips to help get you even more money!

  1. Paint – you want to think bright, light and neutral. If you want suggestions on paint colours check out this HGTV blog. A fresh coat of light paint can make the home feel new, spacious and clean. Painting kitchen cabinets and exterior doors can be cheap alternatives to full upgrades.
  2. Electrical updates – If you have dated electrical fixtures, beige switches and plates, you should consider having an electrician come in to swap them out for something more modern. Need an electrician in the Owen Sound area? check out Benedict Electric.
  3. Door handles and kitchen cabinet knobs. If your knobs are the shiny brass ones or white, it’s time for an upgrade. Swap these out to make your home feel more updated.

Doing all of these suggestions will put you well on your way for a great sale price. If you are reading this are in the Owen Sound/ Grey County area, it would be a great idea to have me out to look at your home and come up with a sale plan. Connect with me here or call me at 519.375.7153.